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Do it – but do it with passion. Book review of „The Charge“


Previously, I read the „Charged Life“ by Brendon Burchard and just have to share some of his inspiring and passionate thoughts. And I have to admit, the more you live your life fully charged and with absolute passion, the more you will get back in return! I know, this is easily said and not every moment in life is „charged“, but with some small changes of your principles and conditions in life, you have the chance of some new mind experiences.

The book inspired me to think about my personal attitude and view on professional and business matters. You are fully responsible about the quality of person you want to be and can control the happiness you want to feel!

Brendon says in his introduction that „the book will agressively challenge you to live a more vibrant, strategic and engaged life!“ Tough promise, but why not trying.

There exist 3 different kind of life:

1) The Caged Life: people live in the past, do what others want them to do, they never break boundaries, desires fall in line with just external rewards, imprisoned, locked and controlled life.

2) The Comfortable Life: people feel thankful, engaged, live under fortunate circumstances (house, family, job…) and have a little adventure or travel here and there. But being asked about their life, it feels meaningless and misses colour, variety, creativity, freedom and connection.

3) The Charged Life: such a person wonders “Am I living my truth and actualizing my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?” The charged self finds life magical and meaningful, filled with exciting and unlimited possibilities for growth and progress. These people are creating their own world and their own definitions of what it means to live and progress. They are fully living and experiencing the lives they want, not coveting or chasing others lives.

Common attributes for Chargers (people living a charged life):

1) They are open and observant in the moment and aware and accepting the present

2) They are future oriented, optimistic, have richly detailed visions and actively seek to make those realities

3) They are challenge seekers and want to stretch, express and realize themselves

4) They are deeply interested in and authentically connect with others, have meaningful relationships and see each relationship as an opportunity for connecting, learning, growing and sharing power and a piece of themselves

5) They are self-reliant, independant and resourceful and march to their own drummers

6) They are creatively driven and want to express (e.g. artists, designers, storytellers, leaders..)

7) They are meaning makers and have the deep desire to create significant and meaningful moments in life as well as memories with others.